Composing an MLA Research Paper on the Effects of Social Media

Composing an MLA Research Paper on the Effects of Social Media
Composing an MLA Research Paper on the Effects of Social Media

5 July, 2016

The MLA academic writing style is one of the most popular choices for essays and research papers that are dedicated to social sciences. There’s a number of rules you should remember to avoid mistakes and receive the highest grades for your work.

The Influence of the Format on the Research Paper

It doesn’t matter which subject you choose for your paper. Whether you’re writing about the effect of social media or the influence of advertising on the minds of teenagers, the formatting rules of the MLA style will remain the same. The specifics of the MLA style is in the way you cite reference sources, so this is the main thing you should keep in mind when planning your investigation on the effect of social media.

As soon as citing means a lot in such a project, give a lot of attention to the reference sources on the effect of social media at the moment you search for and collect them. You need as much information on each source as you can get: its author’s name, the publishing year and place, etc. You will need this information when you format citations in accordance with the MLA format. Check out more tips at

Formatting a Research Paper for MLA

  1. Choose standard white 8.5×11 inch paper sheets.
  2. Use double spacing and clearly readable fonts, sizing 12 pt.
  3. Equate all the margins to 1 inch.
  4. Use the Tab key to create 0.5-inch indentation of each paragraph’s first line.
  5. Number all the pages in the right top corner (follow your school’s own instructions).
  6. List all the end notes in a separate page that goes before the list of your reference sources.

MLA Details for a Research Paper

  • You don’t have to create a separate title page unless you’re told to. If your teacher demands it, follow the instructions that are accepted in your school.
  • Use the top left corner to list your name, your teacher’s name, other schooling details, and the date. Use the same double spacing.
  • Type the title of the work in the center of the page after another double spacing. It shouldn’t be underlined, italicized or so. There’s only one capital letter at the beginning of the first word of the title.
  • Use quotation marks or italics only if you mention the titles of other works in your project.
  • Find out whether your teacher or other reviewers want to see your name to the left of the page number on every page of your work. Follow their instructions.

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