Wise advice on research paper introduction background

Wise advice on research paper introduction background
Wise advice on research paper introduction background

14 February, 2017

The introduction is the key point of any kind of writing whether it is a research paper or an essay or report. In an introduction as a writer, you are actually attempting to update the readers about the particular reason behind the work. It is the part of the paper where you justify the essentiality of your work and the importance of the study of that particular topic. As many elements and important concepts lie in an introduction, research paper help service Writemypaper123.com advises you always keep the key points that are essential for the introduction in your mind. The important component of an introduction is simple and if you include it, you can write a perfect introduction.

Introduction format

An introduction, in general, does not have a word limit or we can say a strict word limit as it is in the case of abstract but it should be brief and concise. It can be considered as a tricky part of the report that is why you should write it after finishing the complete paper so that you are sure that you are not missing any important part in it. Although there is no particular format or the word limit in case of introduction but you should make it brief and define the format of your complete report in it. The structure of your paper is also reflected through the introduction only.

Outline versus Introduction

For lengthy research paper where you prefer to craft an outline of the paper first, it is important to structure the introduction of your paper around the outline of the paper. The outline you frame is not as such difficult, you have highlighted it all around your paper and similarly, you have to do with your introduction. As like the outline you need to frame your introduction around the outline.

Principle of Introduction

A report introduction works on the principle of introducing the highlights of the topic. It gives the review of the entire paper by setting the work in a broad context and narrowing the problems, hypothesis and the thesis. Basically, an introduction gives the answer to the research problem that makes the reader involve further in the content. It is aimed to impress an expert reader who has good knowledge about your topic. Hence, what you basically require in an introduction is highlighting the problem and the background of the topic.

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