A Term Paper on Artificial Intelligence: 3 Points That You Have to Mention

A Term Paper on Artificial Intelligence: 3 Points That You Have to Mention
A Term Paper on Artificial Intelligence: 3 Points That You Have to Mention

19 September, 2018

When required to write a term paper or an MBA dissertation on artificial intelligence, it’s easy to ask, who will write my paper for me? That’s because this topic is not easy to write about. Artificial intelligence is an interesting and unique topic for a term paper. The internet is awash with information on this topic. However, it’s not easy to determine which information is genuine.

To ensure that you compose a term paper that will stand out, you need to know points that you should mention in your paper. This will also guide you when it comes to gathering information for your paper. Here are 3 points that you should mention in your term paper on artificial intelligence.

Background of Artificial Intelligence
For many people, the artificial intelligence idea conjures robot images in their minds. Some think about anthropomorphic machines when they hear people talk about artificial intelligence. They perceive machines that reason and think like humans. But, artificial intelligence is an idea that has existed since the time of Greek Myths like the golden Hephaestus robots. Alchemy stories of the Middle Ages also alluded that human brain was placed in inanimate objects. There are also religions where physical statues are worshiped because it is believed that they have human emotions and thoughts.

It is important that you give background of artificial intelligence to readers that may not be familiar with it. This will show that you are conversant with academic paper writing and you know what you are discussing with the readers. If possible, show readers how artificial intelligence has evolved over the years. However, this will depend with the specified scope or word count limit of your term paper.

Literature Review
Share with your readers the literature that you have come across regarding artificial intelligence. Although artificial intelligence was real before the 1950s, it was not incorporated in academics as a research discipline till The Dartmouth Conference of 1956. The organizer of this conference, John McCarthy, encouraged the adoption of the term Artificial Intelligence. He continued to contribute to artificial intelligence work in several universities till his death in 2011.

It’s crucial that you share such information with your readers including aspects like natural language processing, artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles, investments in artificial intelligence and companies that are pursuing it. If unable to gather enough literature, seek paper writing help from experts that are knowledgeable about the topic.

Current Status
Conclude your term paper by telling readers about the current status of artificial intelligence. What are the latest developments in artificial intelligence? Is artificial intelligence polarizing? Are universities and companies spending money on artificial intelligence development and research? There are also people that claim that artificial intelligence might bring humankind to an end. Some people have negative views towards artificial intelligence. If unable to unearth such information, turn to experts that will complete the task for you when you tell them write a paper for me.

It’s important to express both sides of the views that people have towards artificial intelligence even if you don’t agree with them. Thus, regardless of the camp that you decide to support in your paper, don’t present a unified opinion.

If you are writing a term paper on artificial intelligence, make sure that it mentions these 3 points even when you engage paper writing services.

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